Cooking oil

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Nahangol Industrial Manufacturing Company

+98 (21) 8888 2960 Tehran
Nahan Gol industrial manufacturing company located in Charmahal Bakhtiari, Brojen, Khadem Alghorani industrial area has a production activity in different edible vegetable oil fields, and produces ove

Behpak Industrial Company

+98 (21) 8870 6429 Tehran
Behpak industrial company is one of the biggest factories in Iran in the field of oil -extracting from different of oil seed ( with capacity of 1800t/day ), white flakes , meal , various soy protein p

Tolou Pakhsh Aftab (Ladan)

+98 (21) 6618 5828 Tehran
TPA is the largest distribution company in Iran and one of the most modern in the middle east. By supplying high quality products and giving the best services to our associates, partners and clients W

Golrang Industrial Group (Oila)

+98 (21) 8389 3000 Tehran
Golrang Industrial Group, having more than 40 subgroups and dependent companies , after 5 years of proud activities in detergent industries and presenting well-known brands of Golrang, AVE, Softlan an