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Choopan Dairy Company

+98 (21) 2257 7250
Over the years Choopan has been able to maintain a high quality of standards in its products leading to a loyal customer base. Choopan products are made from all natural ingredients and are free of an

Greeneh Food Industries

+98 (51) 4326 8130
The nutritional value of milk is so well known that people all around the world include it as a staple part of their diet. Adding milk to your daily diet can also help you to achieve a well-balanced d

Gadook Firoozkooh Food Industry Co.

+98 (21) 4404 3888
Is located at Firoozkooh new industrial zone close to Gadook cervix which is a wide snowy region in the road from Firoozkooh to the north of Iran, between Tehran and Mazandaran. Characteristics of thi

Solico Group

+98 (21) 6645 4511 Tehran
Middle East pioneer company in food and beverage industry In Euro Monitor 2014 report Kalleh is introduced as world 25th brand and Solico as 48th company active in food industry. This institute has ra

Sabah Industries Group

+98 (21) 8871 1186 Tehran
Sabah industries group comprise of twelve manufacturing and service provision companies were founded in Iran in year 2000. Main activity of the group is dairy production where, its main factories are

Delta Industrial Group (Ramak)

+98 (71) 3234 8682
Looking back over the past years, it is a great honor to announce that we achieved a very good position during our working years in the sensitive and important era of dairy industry that constitutes a

Zarrin Ghazal Co. (Daity)

+98 (71) 3227 3184 Shiraz
Zarrin Ghazal Co. started production of Daity ice cream in 2005 and Apada dairy production 2008. At the present time, the company is capable of producing over 300 tons of ice cream and 150 tons of dai

Binalood Dairy Product Company

+98 (51) 4322 3285 Neyshabur
In 1989 with private sector investment to create jobs , stimulate the local economy and self sufficiency livestock development was established and in 1992 began its activities officially based on hea

Setare Talaee Golestan Co. (Alish)

+98 (17) 3328 7191 Gonbad Kavus
Setare Talaee Golestan Co. (Alish Co.) is the producer of the dairy products and different kinds of ice creams (ice cream, yoghurt, yoghurt drink, cheese, butter and so on), with using from the skille