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Padtan Elm Company

+98 (21) 63481 Tehran
Padtan Elm, located in Tehran (Iran), was founded in 1995 by a group of scientists who have been actively involved in the field of laboratory science since 1970. Since its inception, the company has d

Advanced Equipment Engineering Company (Adeeco)

+98 (21) 8898 0173 Tehran
Advanced Equipment Engineering Company (Adeeco) is a knowledge-based company that started its activities as the only national brand of Iranian advanced laboratory equipment, since 2012. Relying on Ade

Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories

+98 (21) 24812 Tehran
Founded in 1997, Tezlabs has been producing superior quality, natural based cosmetics to satisfy our customer’s need for effective skin and hair care products. We are devoted to developing and manu

Kiagen Company

+98 (21) 8876 0179 Tehran
KIAGEN is pleased to announce that, after many years involvement in the field of molecular biology we have been appointed as the sole distributor by the internationally renowned companies to launch th

Rojan Azma Company

+98 (26) 3476 0503 Karaj
Rojan Azma was established upon research in the Bio-technological industry. Its scientific professional team has applied years of R&D experience for development of one-step membrane immunoassay t

Abzar Teb Pouya Company

+98 (21) 8898 7030 Tehran
Abzar Teb Pouya is a registered company in Business (Import-Export) and manufacturing of Ophthalmic Medical devices and various type of Drugs in Iran. This company with high qualified and experienced

Adib Eksir Herbal Company

+98 (21) 6656 3153 Tehran
Adib Eksir herbal company has been running for 10 years in the west of Iran with purpose of preservation of the nature and also utilization of medicinal plants. This company was founded by a specializ

Darmanyab Darou Company

+98 (21) 87174 Tehran
“Make Health Accessible to All” was the mission which bring Darmanyab into existence in 2004 .As a supplier of pharmaceutical and medical equipment within the last ten years, although it is not lo

Zagros Darou Company

+98 (21) 8868 4553 Tehran
Zagros darou Company has been stablished in 2005 in Zarandieh. Our company is an importer and exporter and a finish formulation pharmaceutical company in iran. At Zagros darou , we always believed in