Housing and urban development

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Tarh o Amayesh Company

+98 (91) 2699 9395 Tehran
TARH O AMAYESH Consultant architects & town plannerswas founded since 1976.It has become one of Iran’s largest architectural firms, with following professional departments Architecture Urba

Polmir Consultant Engineers Company

+98 (21) 8866 4177 Tehran
POLMIR consultant engineers with more than three decades of experience was established in 1979 and up to this date has contributed significant engineering and designing services to the country. The sc

Kayson Company

+98 (21) 8807 2501 Tehran
Kayson is a privately held engineering and construction company providing world-class design, management, procurement and construction services to develop, engineer and build projects for customers b

Takista’South Structure Company

+98 (71) 3227 1960
Takista’South structure company began to activity in fields of oil, gas and petrochemical in 2004 then with doing industrial projects, company research and development unit(R & D) with focus on

Tarh Andishan Shahr Consulting Engineers Co.

+98 (21) 8879 7025 Tehran
Tarh Andishan Shahr Consulting Engineers Co. (TASH), entered under No. 97646, started out as a consortium composed of two consulting engineers on 7 June 1993, and promoted as Tarh Andishan Shahr Consu

Bonyad Sazeh Consulting Engineering Company

+98 (21) 8809 1087 Tehran
BONYAD SAZEH Consulting Engineering Company works in the fields of engineering services, architecture and urban planning, designing towers and industrial structures , project control, using experience

Farnahad Consulting Engineers Company

+98 (21) 8886 4152 Tehran
Farnahad company has been established on 1369 registered number as 80578 has more than 17 years of experience in representing architectural/urban engineering services and also cultural/economical stud

Arseh Consulting Engineers Company

+98 (21) 8884 1342 Tehran
Arseh Consulting Engineers was established in January 1982 based on its main principle that consulting engineers are professional institution which participate in countries development like a technica

Fajr-e-Tosea Consulting Engineers Co.

+98 (21) 7749 5233 Tehran
Fajr-e-Tosea Consulting Engineers Co. was originally established as Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning Group in the scientific research institution of JDEVS in 1980. The Group was comm