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Sahand Rubber Investment Company

+98 (21) 4497 4805 Tehran
Sahand Rubber investment company was established in 2003 in an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, and with the aim of producing various types of conveyor belts and as a closed edge. The companyR

Mahan Industries and Mines Development Corporation

+98 (21) 8806 9708 Tehran
Mahan Industries and Mines Development Corporation (Corporation) on the twenty-third of February, 1391 under registration number 421361,with initial capital of 50 billion rials has begun its work. The

Rena Industrial Group

+98 (21) 2226 2180
Rena Industrial Group Investment Company was established in December 30, 1976 as a public joint stock company and registered in Tehran Company Registration and Industrial Ownership under the registrat

Borhan Mobin Development Management Co.

+98 (21) 8608 0601 Tehran
Borhan Mobin Development Management Co. operates faced on national projects in fields of management and ICT …

Oil Industry Investment Company

+98 (21) 2265 4496 Tehran
Oil Industry Investment Company is a public joint stock corporation the major shareholder of which is the Oil Pension Fund Investment Company (OPIC).The staff and pensioners of national oil industry f

Housing Investment Company

+98 (21) 2291 3590 Tehran
Housing Investment Company is one of the largest mass constructors of Iran that aside from Mass production of residential units defining residential complexes, villas, apartments and high-rise buildin

Omid Investment Management Corporation (OIMCO)

+98 (21) 8866 3272 Tehran
Omid Investment Management Corporation (OIMCO) was founded in Iran in 2001 as a private holding corporation. The company’s shares was offered with registere capital of 4,000 billion Rials on 8

Ghadir Investment Company

+98 (21) 8878 7163 Tehran
Ghadir Investment Company has been established in 1992-93 as a public joint stock company. It commenced its operations in a wide variety of business fields and by managing over 120 subsidiary companie