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Padtan Elm Company

+98 (21) 63481 Tehran
Padtan Elm, located in Tehran (Iran), was founded in 1995 by a group of scientists who have been actively involved in the field of laboratory science since 1970. Since its inception, the company has d

Abzar Teb Pouya Company

+98 (21) 8898 7030 Tehran
Abzar Teb Pouya is a registered company in Business (Import-Export) and manufacturing of Ophthalmic Medical devices and various type of Drugs in Iran. This company with high qualified and experienced

Darmanyab Darou Company

+98 (21) 87174 Tehran
“Make Health Accessible to All” was the mission which bring Darmanyab into existence in 2004 .As a supplier of pharmaceutical and medical equipment within the last ten years, although it is not lo

Marlic Medical Ind. Co.

+98 (21) 8831 8502 Tehran
Marlic Medical Ind. Co.was established in an industrial Zone near Tehran (capital of Iran) with the aim of production of dental, medical and chemical material in 1994. The objectives of company are as

Piyavar Company

+98 (21) 4405 7809 Tehran
Piyavar was founded in 1995 in order to produce hospital beds. In 1997 with a huge investment Factory 1 was built in an area of 5,000 square meters. Applying strategic management, continuous improveme

Daya Teb Co.

+98 (21) 8879 5163 Tehran
DayaTeb was founded in 1997 as the first life science unit of Daya Group. From the beginning we were active in four main trading areas: 1-Pharmaceutical (API, Intermediates, Finished Products) 2-Medic

Arian Tadjhiz Maad Company

+98 (21) 4496 0971 Tehran
Since 2010, Arian Tadjhiz Maad quality control laboratory is an accredited, independent testing laboratory ‎and calibration company located in Tehran. With technical background and many years of exp

Avecinna Company

+98 (21) 8805 4231 Tehran
AVECINNA Company was established in 2005 with registration number 258464 from General Administration of Registration of Companies and Industrial Property in Tehran with the aim of improving the provis

Tavan Jam Manufacturing Company

+98 (31) 3654 0022
Tavan jam manufacturing company was founded in 1993, based in Isfahan Iran. We are working under the guidance of Mr.Elhaki.Our factory has 20 years experience to do different kinds of medical regulat