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Greeneh Food Industries

+98 (51) 4326 8130
The nutritional value of milk is so well known that people all around the world include it as a staple part of their diet. Adding milk to your daily diet can also help you to achieve a well-balanced d

Ram Sanat Bahareh Company

+98 (22) 9439 0200
Ram Sanat Bahareh is premier of Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers Co in Iran The companyis active in the private sector, so , founder of the company Mr. Hamidreza Ghasemi – Managing .Director , Mr

Adili Machines Packing Company

+98 (31) 3572 1565 Isfahan
○ The first designer and manufacturer of packaging machines in Iran ○ Exporting to over 20 countries ○ Supplier to more than 90 % of the country’s food factories ○ Supplier to Europe and

Kavish Machine Paydar Company

+98 (21) 6543 8769 Karaj
Kavish Machine Paydar Company was formed in Tehran on 2009. Relying on its founders 20 years of experiences in food machinery industries, company could design and fabricate completely new machines for

Raha Industrial Group (Raha Sanat)

+98 (35) 3227 5234 Ardakan
Raha Industrial Group , Leave a registration number 489 cooperative activities in Yazd province in 1382 to design and build a food processing and packaging machinery began. The company prides membersh

Mobaddel Tank Company

+98 (31) 4564 2932 Isfahan
“Mobaddel Tank Co” with 23 years experiences and using a wide range of hardware & software facilities & human resources is expert in design & fabrication of different industrial equ

Rasa machine Company

+98 (31) 3324 6442
Rasa machine was founded in 1357 and based on the time required to Cake packaging machines and packaging machines produced Gaz Began. During production, the quality of its manufacturing units in order

Badeleh Machinery Co.

+98 (11) 3373 6070 Sari
badeleh machinery co. was pioneered in 1988 with a factory, with a humble 200 meters of space, for producing different kinds of tanked and trailed sprayers. parallel with an increment in production ra

Khandabi Machinery Company

+98 (21) 4684 9060 Qods
With the experience of over 39 years, Khandabi Machinery is involved in production, repair and Assembling of a wide range of confectionery production lines. The company’s complex is located, 20 km o