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Gyah Corporation

+98 (26) 3610 3292 Karaj
GYAH Corporation was established in l966, its line of activities include formulation of Agricultural Chemical Products and fertilizers. It has the appropriate licences from Ministries of Health, Indus

Melli Agrochemical Company

+98 (21) 4495 8401 Tehran
Melli Agrochemical Company(PLC), M.A.C a market leader in field of agrochemical pesticides both in formulation and manufacturing Veterinary ,Agriculture as well as household pesticides on the basis of

Sadat Mahan Research and Chemical Co.

+98 (21) 8872 7295 Tehran
Sadat Mahan Research and Chemical is one of the biggest manufacturer and distributors of house-hold insecticides, public health products and Agrochemicals in Islamic Republic of Iran from 1992.

Ariashimi Company

+98 (21) 4447 1048 Tehran
Ariashimi Company, producer of agricultural pest control and fertilizers was established in Sistan & Baluchistan Province in 1994 and started its utilization in 1999. Presently, it is one of the

Golsam Gorgan Chemicals Company

+98 (21) 8887 8762 Tehran
Golsam Gorgan Chemicals Company was founded in 1965 with the aim of formulation of pesticides with the highest quality and efficacy. The formulation plant in the North of Iran near Gorgan city is situ

Kimia Sabzavar Co.

+98 (21) 8881 0954 Tehran
In developihng countries alone organo-chlorine, and organo – phosphate pesticides , account for nearly 3 million cases of poisoning , about 20000 of which result in death and many other cases lead t