Tiles and ceramics

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EEFA Ceram Company

+98 (21) 2228 2394 Tehran
EEFA Ceram Company by using the latest technology of the world, Italian machinery, digital printing, and skilled employees in tile and ceramic industry, produces glazed wall tiles, floor ceramic and t

Setina Tiles & Ceramic Ind Company

+98 (21) 2227 1602 Tehran
SETINA TILES & CERAMIC IND CO, has been instituted in 1995 by boasting manufacturing plants in double firing wall tile by providing the production capacity in 4,000,000 square meters by keeping m

Zagros Derakhshan Tiles Co.

+98 (21) 8439 1000 Tehran
Zagros Derakhshan manufacturing tiles Co. Producer of Porcelain tiles suitable for floor, wall, facade and stair has started it’s activities in 2007. Zagros factory is the first Ceramic and P

Meybod Sadra Ceram Company

+98 (35) 3237 2395 Yazd
Tile Co. Sdrasram of meibod in 1388 with the efforts of a group of academics and hobbyists to industry, an area of one hundred and fifty thousand square meters in the historic city meibod established

Marjan Tile Company

+98 (31) 3624 8019 Isfahan
MARJAN TILE CO. was established in 1992 and has endeavored in manufacturingvarious types of quality tiles ever since. Some of the products include red body tiles (with water absorption of less than 3

Tima Tile Company

+98 (51) 3541 3990 Mashhad
Tima Tile Company is one of the greate producers all wall tile in Khorasan province. The company formally has began its activity in tile industry since 1383 and this company effectively was able to ta

Yazd Tile Company

+98 (21) 6641 2388 Tehran
As the first manufacturer of floor tile Tile Co. Yazd in Iran , the world’s machines to work in the field of ceramic floor 1977 has begun… 1 – Maintain and enhance existing markets a

Goldis Tile Company

+98 (21) 8740 Tehran
On 2002 Goldis Tile was founded in Yazd with the ambition to improve not only the quality of products but also the customer experience throughout the supply chain. In less than three years from our ne

Pars Tile Co.

+98 (21) 2288 3447 Tehran
Pars Tile Co. is one of the most experienced manufacturers of wall tiles (double batch) in Iran, which was founded in 1352 and has been operational in 1356. Alborz Persian tile factory in the industri