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Roopad Pooyan Company

Tehran +98 (21) 4463 0777
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23 Jul, 2002 was an important date for Iranian contracting industry. Establish of roopad pooyan company was a new revolution for this industry, exports, engines, manufacturers and totally whole action person in this industry in Iran. Roopad pooyan co. embarked to producing wall covering with name of roopad, so in addition to more attractiveness and creatorship but also returning capital of capitalists soon. Products of roopad pooyan co. have been welcomed in a incredible time, where see a building with a beautiful and admirable colors view, also you can see roopad pooyan products. Because of engineering reasons, spreading of this product in crease more and more. The last satisfies show s different products of roopad pooyan co. Have been used about five million square meter, especially in Tehran, between 2002 – 2008 years which is new successful in con constructing industry.

Today, traditional products cannot provide reed of modern life. Nowadays different communication instrument like internet cause to increase of information about new products with lower expenses, that encourage customers use these modern & fashionable proudest. Also initiated into business encourage because of advantages of these product, such as, comical, particular technique of using. Some cases have been noticed in early years are, make lighter building, earthquake & natural agents, more speed in implemented and turn again profit of capital. Also producers act according to scientific, economical, manage ring, social, cultural and aesthetics knowledge so can have perfect products.

Roopad Pooyan Co. with internal & international producers of goods relating to this industry, have enterprise to produce a new generation of internal and external front covering which have particular specification of quantity. This movement has resulted in gathering unique series for covering the internal &external walls of building that nowadays considerably has helped specialists of this industry form mechanical. Engineering, economical, cultural & aesthetics point of view. This company in 2005 has presented another product under title of roopad silk. This product besides having the attribute of heat proof, cold proof &sound proof, it also donates discipline, beauty &special delicacy to environment.

Creating calm and attractive space in living environment official places provide e suitable bed for residents to be calm and relaxed. Roopad Pooyan Co. on the way of achieving his long term and short term goals, always was looking to produce and present the products which can fulfill the user’s opinion. Achieving to this point is one of the most important targets and activities in this series and is among main pillars. The next product, notable in country market in comparison to other similar internal and foreign products, was withering proof frontage (WP 920). Using of this product as a complement on other frontage materials like stone, building colors, granite roopad, Akropad, etc, has become ordinary. This product is able to considerably increase the life loge of frontage products and preserve the basic cleanness and freshness till a long time. The frontage color product is anther product of roopad co.

This covering with admirable quality and water proof nature is a serious competitor for other washable plastic dye in external view of building Roopad Pooyan Co. during past years with studying various administrate projects of internal and external view in all regions of country and different geographical situations and also with spotting local tastes and regional folkloric, have proceeded to collect users opinions. the results of this evaluating that was continuing, during past 7 years is resulted in reliance of works and managers of Roopad Pooyan and it has caused to improve their products by using advanced technology and desirable basic material.

This will enumerate as a surprising evolution in joinery products industry of country, while our country strongly needs to promote the quality level of production and increasing the national impure production and dissertation to oil revenue. In the same way, roopad pooyan products can be Exported and play an important role in the production to Iran neighbors like Iraq and republic of Azerbaijan and it have caused the improvement for our country. We hope, with creating better situation comparing to past, and decrease of mendacious obstacles, the export can be expanded for all producers in national and private arena.

Phone Number +98 (21) 4463 0777
Fax +98 (21) 4466 1527

Unit 8, Arman Building, Main Ekbatan blvd (Faz 1), Karaj Special Way, Tehran, Iran


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Country Iran
State/Province Tehran Province
distance: 6,616 Kilometers
Address Tehran Province, Tehran, Kooy-e-Bimeh, Nafisi St, Iran
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